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A Little Bit About Rebs
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Exactly what is a Reverend's Rebel anyway?

Well we're not a vegetable and we're not a mineral. You can't eat us and we dont come with a side of fries. We're a singing group people! And not just any group. We are Goucher College's ONLY all-female a capella group. Right now we are made up of 14 members. We sing all types of music, from Simon and Garfunkle to Ani DiFranco. We love to perform and pretty much just wanna have fun.

How the Rebs came to be:

Reverend's Rebels is the oldest a capella group at Goucher. Legend has it that the group was formed by a rebellious gang of Goucher students back around 1933. Then Goucher was an all-girls school and every student was required to sing in the church choir. Our young revolutionaries fought against the system, developed by Goucher College's founder Reverend John Goucher, and won the right to form their own (non-church choir) singing group. They named this fine new group the Reverend's Rebels to forever remind us of their epic battle against sainthood.

So who runs this gig?

Not this lady:

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Our group is really run by Dani and Maria. We have no idea who that lady is, probably somebody's babygrandmotha. Dani is our rehearsal manager and Maria is our performance manager. To find out more about them, check out their bios. Or e-mail them at