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Jennifer Sanzone





Jen-Jen Bo Ben


Edgewood, MD

Favorite Silly Thing About Another Reb:

Well, this one time Dani was in her office consulting with the business manager of the Allnighters and when he said his O'Name was O'Kelly she laughed so hard she almost fell off her tupperware!!! Holy moly!!! She then proceeded to laugh and laugh and slap her knee. As for throat hurts from laughing.

Pet Peeve:

When dani sits in her office consulting with men named O'Kelly. That's a good O'story, but man does it make me mad.

Most Embarrassing Moment:

When certain members...of a certain acapella group (whose name will go unmentioned...but here's a rhymes with Cooking for a Gecko) refer to my facility for higher learning as Cooter College.

How Do You Like It?:

With Cheese

What is your Absolute Favorite Thing About Rebs?

That there are so many rebs now... and Heather Novack.

Words of Advice:

"Don't laugh at people's names when they want to sing in a concert with's not polite"

Describe Yourself in a Few Words:

Zany, charismatic, awesome, outrageous

Favorite Smell:

So Pink perfume because it makes me feel girly.

Audition Song:

"Faithful to Me" by Jennifer Knapp
"Everything's Alright" from Jesus Christ Superstar