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Class of 2001
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Lynette Winters


Lynette delves into some hot chocolatey goodness!


Eating some good stuff on Lynette's birthday.


A little mighty hedgehog.


I'm not quite sure what's going on in this picture... lots of animals and some rebs.




Radnor, PA

Favorite silly thing about another reb:

The way a few of the members stick their hands in their pants unconsciously while singing.

Pet Peeve:

When I'm talking and someone interrupts me.

Most embarrassing moment:

When we couldn't start "Helplessly" in the Gopher Hole.

How do you like it?

What is it?

What is your absolute favorite thing about Rebs?

How I can be in a bad mood and go to rehearsal and sing an "old favorite" and completely forget about my problems.

Words of advice:

Always work hard, but have fun too.

Describe yourself in a few words:

I only look sweet and innocent.

Audition Song:

"To Keep My Love Alive" - from some musical, but i can't remember which one.